Did I really just get take-out for a spider?

IMG_6522Since becoming a hobby farmer four years ago, I’ve done a number of things that make friends and family shake their heads in disbelief.  Four AM bunny bottle feedings. Pre-chewing apple treats into turkey-sized morsels for Christmas. Finding dry dirt during a monsoon so that the chickens could have a dust bath. But today was the first time I actually started shaking my own head, right after catching myself thinking, “Boy, I wish the pet store delivered crickets.” Of course, that didn’t stop me from then driving to the pet store and bringing home three juicy crickets for Gertrude. I figured with the weather as cold as it is outside, she’s not going to find any bugs no matter how balmy and warm it is inside the greenhouse. She’s been in there for about a week, and I couldn’t stand the thought of her slowing starving to death. Thus, the drive to the pet store. At first, the employee thought I meant three dozen crickets, because apparently no one asks for just three at a time. Feeling the need to clarify (lest she think I was some sort of crazy cricket lady), I explained why I needed them. After failing to suppress her visible shuddering, the employee simply said, “Oh. Huh.” She didn’t even charge me for them!Crickets in hand, I happily drove home and flung them one at a time onto her web. It took her less than 30 minutes to wrap them up and start munching away. I feel good about doing my part to make the world a better place for one hungry spider.

1 thought on “Did I really just get take-out for a spider?

  1. Ummm… honey, you ARE some sort of crazy cricket lady. And really, at least buy like 12 and set them loose in the green house so they have a fighting chance and so Gertrude gets a chance to hunt vs be fed. What’s that line in Jurassic Park? T-Rex doesn’t want to be fed… 🙂

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