Bunny Gallery

I recently received an irate text message stating there weren’t nearly enough cute baby bunny pictures on the blog. So, Bess Bess, here is a gallery just for you.

group shot harv and cinna Harvey Hocus hulk IMG_8922 IMG_8926 IMG_8958 IMG_8986

4 thoughts on “Bunny Gallery

  1. I just wanted to thank you again for the two bunnies I bought from you for my children. They are still very cute and very loved. Their names are Floppy Phillip and Baby and they are the sweetest things!

  2. Luv the bunny pix. Well all your pix but especially the bunnies. Thought of you while @ Puyallup Fair. There was a rabbit w/ her babies in large display. Most babies were in a pile. One was camped in the feeder. Another was bouncing around & climbing all over everything including Mrs. Rabbit.

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