He’s baaaaaaaack

skunkI’ve been on a mission since last year’s Mr. Waddles incident. A photo mission. While they may undoubtedly stink, they’re still awfully cute. Fat little noses, fluffy black tails, trendy white stripes. The problem is, every time I’ve managed to spot one was a few seconds after the dogs spotted it. And we all know what happened next – not exactly the best time to grab my camera.

But today the dogs were safely inside, and Gene let me know Mr. Waddles was currently be-bopping down the driveway. I got as close as I dared and stood there until he got used to me. There was one tense moment when he tucked his body into an upside down “U” shape and showed me his Southern end, but thank goodness he didn’t find me any more threatening than that. (I’m rather insulted, actually. I consider myself a force to be reckoned with.)

I also got April’s first swan photos! It was just after dawn last Thursday, and we were driving into Orr to start our postal route. Gene, who was already grumbly about having to get up at the literal crack of dawn, was not amused when I suddenly bellowed “LOOK!!!” and demanded he pull over. (I really do try to remember there’s a rule about no shrieking in the car unless it’s an emergency, but I just get so excited. By so many things.)

But perhaps the most exciting news of all – we got some spring chickens! The feed store in Virginia had two Sicilian Buttercup chicks left, and of course you can’t get just two because they’ll get cold on the long trip home.

So I got six Wyandottes too, as it was a medical necessity. We are going to relocate the chicken coop to the big outbuilding in the front yard, which will just take a little sprucing up. It’s a lot more insulated than where the chickens are now, since people used to live in it. Plus, it’s big enough that I can decorate. I’m already looking at paint chips and window boxes.

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