A pen big enough for two…

DSC03439With the weather in the high 80s and worse, I decided that Porculous the Cherished would be happier out in the pasture, where he has room to run around and hide in the cool grass and other assorted flora. So Gene and Abby moved some panels into the back and created a huge pen, complete with mud pits, tons of hidey-holes, and of course a feeding and treat station. Gene even created a rolling gate by screwing two casters onto a pallet, so it’s easy for me to go in and out.

Porculous absolutely loves it. He runs laps around the fence perimeter, stretches out happily in the mud, and comes trotting up to the gate the second he hears me come out of the house. And even better, Porculous and Skeeterhe’s got a roommate to share it all with. Skeeter decided he’d much rather live here, so he found his way back from Abby’s house two days ago. I didn’t have the heart to take him back there after he went all Incredible Journey and found his way home, even though he decimated my romanescu and broccoli bed for the fifth time on his way back. (Apparently my addition of the fencing to the raised bed didn’t even slow him down. Guess I should have spent more than $2 on it.) He came running up to me in the back yard, and was promptly greeted with head scratches, a bowl of kibble, and all the wheat thins he could eat. I missed him more than I realized.

ShyIt only took him a few hours to move in to Porculous’s new digs. Now the two share dinner and treats, and lounge around next to each other in the shade. It’s really cute, especially since they’re almost the same size. Shy and Wool are both fascinated by Porculous, now that he’s out where they can see him. Shy spends a good portion of the day just staring at him. Which is kind of odd, since they’ve both seen pigs before. Apparently Porculous is more interesting than most – just one more reason to keep him around! Now I just have to convince Gene…

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