Hello 2013…..and Ursula!

IMG_6404The first day of 2013 dawned like most of my days…. morning chores, followed by a nap, followed by a brief prowl through Craigslist to see what was on offer (I haven’t given up on my tortoise dream, much to Gene’s annoyance.) I found something almost as cool as a giant reptile, though – a goat in need of a new home! Her story is a sad one – she is six years old, and her mama (age 10), died last night. Since she’s never been alone, her owner said she’d been crying in her stall all day. Not even Gene could say no to that one, so fifteen minutes after talking to her owner on the phone we were on our way to Port Orchard with a kennel in the back.

saying hiSince she didn’t have a name yet, and because she’s on the north side of tubby, we deemed her Ursula – the first name that popped into my head when I pondered the perfect name for a fat goat. She rode the whole way home without complaint, and had a grand time exploring her new digs. The other critters, particularly Shy Shy, were absolutely fascinated by her, and followed her everywhere as she toured the facilities. She spent the most time checking out the cabana and the breakfast nook, and opted to nap in the little cabin overlooking the duck pond. She only briefly glanced at the gym equipment. I will post some better pictures of her tomorrow; we barely got home before dark, and I didn’t want to chase her around with my camera. She’ll get used to that soon enough.

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