Goodbye 2012!

As a general rule, I’m not known for being overly introspective, particularly at the end of the year. My resolutions tend to fall along the lines of doing a better job of communicating to other drivers exactly how much they’re annoying me, and things of that nature. Gene finally said I’m not allowed to make resolutions anymore, because they don’t make the world a better place. That being said, every New Year’s Eve, it’s become my tradition to put aside my drink (for the moment), and reflect back on what I’ve learned that year as a Hobby Farmer. (Note the use of caps, because now that it’s my full-time job I felt I needed a title).

Charlie10) There is no such thing as species-specific toys.

9) No matter how tall your muck boots are, water, mud and worse can always find a way inside.

8) Just because they rave about it on Top Chef doesn’t mean it tastes good. Jerusalem Artichokes, I’m looking at you.

7) If I dream it up, Gene can build it.

Chupi 2IMG_6402

6) Naps. There’s always a good reason to take one.

5) If you grow it, you can can it.

4) Training a bunny to come when you call is easy if you’re holding a Wheat Thin.

3) There’s always room for more chickens, and to squeeze in a rescue ferret.

2) You can never order too many seeds.

1) Every wood stove installation should automatically include a fat cat to bask in the heat.

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