Harvey’s Christmas came early!

As I’ve noted in earlier postings, Harvey has a bad habit of staying out all night when IMG_6266the weather is nice, mingling with the local bunnies and partying hard. To date, his longest bender has been two days, but luckily he only did that a few times. Now that I’ve started leaving delectable treats in his cage during evening chores, he usually shows up right on time to gobble up Wheat Thins. As an added incentive, and because baby bunnies are like the cutest things ever, we picked him up a girlfriend today!

CinnabunGranted, she’s only six weeks old so we’ll have to wait awhile (as will Harvey) for the grandkids, but so far she’s made her herself happily at home. I cleaned out and redecorated the “girl” side of the Bunny Ranch, setting out food, water, hay, and of course a selection of welcoming treats and now little Cinnabun is probably the happiest bunny in all of Allyn.

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