Oh, how I wish I could un-see that

Despite being a chicken farmer for over a year now, I realized today that I’m not wholly familiar with their diet. Insects, grains, and plants, yes. Cute little field mice? Really? And was it necessary to kill it, gut it, then swallow it like an anaconda eating a goat right in front of me? I had flashbacks to that horrible day when the duck ate the frog. At least the field mouse didn’t get a chance to wave good bye to me while hanging out of Nikki’s beak… he went quick. To make up for the horror of watching the food chain in gory, stomach-wrenching action, I decided to see if the critters would like pumpkin. Gene had prepared one to be carved, and I saved the innards. The ducks went absolutely nuts for it, as did the chickens. I finally found the one treat the rabbits won’t eat, though. They put up such a fuss about not having a palatable snack that I made Gene go to the feed store and get them their favorite granola honey sticks.

Harvey and Claire are not destined to be roommates for much longer; Harvey has finally figured out which is Claire’s “business end”, as it were, so we need to separate them. Although Claire is capable of reproducing now, the literature I’ve consulted (okay, I looked online), recommended separating them at four to five months, then allowing them to date at eight months. Of course, the upshot of all my Internet research means more work for Gene, as he now needs to build Harvey a suitable bachelor pad. My grand plan is to allow them each access to the ground level of the Bunny Ranch on alternating days. I’m sure they won’t mind, because their separate areas have more than enough room to frolic and run around. I’m even pondering the merits of procuring another male and female, just so they don’t get lonely, but the thought of that many baby bunnies is a little daunting. Cute, but daunting.

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