How Have I Gone 42 Years Without Geese In My Life?

Geese are amazing. If you don’t have some, you need some. Now. They’re adorable! The 3 goslings outgrew the office tank in a matter of days (and the Guinea chicks moved in!), so now they’re in a spacious heated box in the garage. But don’t worry – they still get tons of socialization time.

I take them out in the yard for a few hours every day, and they follow me around. If something startles them, they pile in my lap. If I pat the ground, they run over to me. I have Purpose. I’m like a gigantic mama goose now.

I even convinced Gene that they needed a wading pool! He found one that had been lingering in the backroom of the local hardware store for years, so it was a screaming deal. He even built a swim ramp for it! Never have you seen happier geese.

So now when I should be parked at my computer stressing out about deadlines, I’m parked in the sunshine watching happy goslings eat grass, chase bugs, and take naps cuddled up against me. Life is good.

In non-geese related news, the weather has finally warmed up to where I can transplant all my seedlings into larger pots, and start things like sunflowers and squash. I was slightly panicked about where to put all the new pots, since the portable greenhouse in the living room isn’t all that big. Gene added shelves to the screened in porch out front, so naturally I filled it to capacity. I was also left wondering why I took the time to meticulously create seating charts for all my planting trays, planted *at least* 7 different kinds of peppers and tomatoes, then labelled everything… “peppers” and “tomatoes”. Guess I’ll figure it out once they start to grow fruits.

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