Let loose the hogs!

sun napGene and I spent the afternoon fencing off the pasture for the pigs. They were starting to get used to their barn enclosure, and comfortable enough with me that they now run up for treats whenever I open the gate. So we figured they were ready for the Great Outdoors.

While dodging multiple rainstorms, we fenced off a huge area for them in the pasture. It’s filled with tall grass and clover, with plenty of room to romp. I opened the barn door, and watched as they rampaged through the grass for the first time.

clover pigCutest. Thing. Ever. I had mowed a path around the perimeter of the pasture, and they took great delight in running in circles. Then they started smelling clover and happily digging up roots.

They even played chase with Gene! It reminded me a little bit of the velociraptors from Jurassic Park; the waist high grass would sway in their wake. The non-stop happy grunting totally blew their cover though.

happy pig

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