See? Whining pays off!!!

chick nap 2I would like to thank the universe for listening to me rant about the incessant rain and providing me with two sunny days in a row. For my next whine, I would like to submit the following: ENOUGH WITH MY NOT WINNING THE LOTTERYJACKPOT ALREADY!!!!!. Your move, universe. At any rate, all the critters were luxuriating in the sunbeams today, and everyone came down with a case of the spring crazies. I walked into the backyard with a takeout container, and was promptly mobbed by chickens, turkeys, and ducks. It’s been awhile since everyone was out of the coop at the same time, so the sheer numbers were a tad overwhelming. Especially considering Dimsworth is smart enough to go for the source of the deliciousness, rather than fighting for morsels with the rest of the riff raff.

Gene and I went out this afternoon to repossess one of Cinnabun’s offspring after bunnyreceiving a somewhat frantic phone call that Bunny Boo Boo (their name, not mine!) was eating everything, up to and including computer cables, carpet, and the walls. I specifically remember warning the family when we dropped her off that chewing wires was a rabbit’s go to move when bored, and that free ranging her throughout the house wasn’t the best idea. We had initially thought that Bunny Boo Boo was a female, but when we got there and learned that she was particularly interested in getting with their kitten, I thought I better check out her equipment before putting her back in with Cinnabun. Good thing I looked, because she’s not female. Not by any means. (This is why I’m crystal clear when re-homing the bunnies that I can’t guarantee the sex when people want them just after weaning, it’s really hard to tell. And you can’t stare at bunny bits for too long trying to decide before you start to feel really weird and uncomfortable about it). Since you can’t put two sexually mature males in the same Bunny Ranch together, Abigail inherited a new bunny by default. She’s open to new name suggestions, so comment away! I lobbied hard for Mini-Bun, but that’s more of a girl’s name. (Same problem with Ivanna Kitty, which I thought was witty given the circumstances).

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