You should have come with me!

new turkeysSo I ran into Gig Harbor today to pick up two girlfriends for Dimsworth and Hawthorne. Upon arrival, I was greeted with my version of Heaven – fat, beautiful turkeys and chickens happily roaming around as far as the eye could see. I could have spent hours there! I really wish Gene had come with me, because it really was an amazing farm. The seller had pulled aside four turkeys from which to choose, each one a different color, and each one more amazing than the last. It was a lot of pressure – far too big of a decision for one person to make alone. But since Gene decided he’d rather go hunting in the mountains than play turkey match maker, I figured the last thing I wanted to do was let him down by choosing the wrong two. Good thing I brought a large cage.

Hester, Constance, Prudence, and Temperance seem to really like their new home. I turkeyshaven’t introduced them yet to Dimsworth and Hawthorne, since I didn’t want to rock their world by having them go on a date just after relocating. I set them up in the Cabana, since it has a heat lamp, and a gate I could shut until it got dark enough they wouldn’t want to explore until daylight. I set them up with a buffet of tasty pellets, fresh water, and a pumpkin treat, all of which they happily dug into. I will post better pictures of them tomorrow. It was dusk by the time I got back, and I didn’t want to go all paparazzi on them their first night here!

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