Forget robins and daffodils….

I58f you want to see the real sign that spring has arrived, look no further than our driveway. Underneath the festive yet functional blue tarp, you’ll see a five-foot by six-foot pile of pure spring. This year’s pile of compost/dirt blend 56even had a bonus frog delivered with it! It doesn’t get more springlike than bonus frogs. We are going to make a new raised bed that runs the length of the driveway, and also build a few raised beds dedicated to berries. I can’t wait!

fussy bunnySome of the dirt is destined for the backyard garden as well. The cover crop that Gene planted a few months ago has sprouted, and it got tall enough that I decided it was the perfect spot for Cinnabun’s first introduction to the big wide world outside the Bunny Ranch. Instead of grazing, she hopped about frantically, staring up at the sky like she was worried about falling off the ground. After about ten minutes or so, she started panting, so Gene put her back. Harvey was fussy during his first trip outside, too, so her reaction was expected. After a few more field trips, she’ll be happily cavorting right next to him.

Our resident outdoor chick has finally gotten over her agoraphobia, and loves to hangbroody mamas out in the garden. She’s been adopted by both the blue cochins, and it’s absolutely adorable to watch them mothering her at the same time. The three are inseparable, and cram into the same nesting box at night to sleep. I’ve never heard of that happening before, but the chick most definitely has two mamas.

Our newest mama, Daisy, is a happy goat. Now that she doesn’t look like IMG_7217bwa horned walrus anymore, she seems much more comfortable. Leo spends his days climbing on all the toys and tree branches, running over for the occasional milk break when the mood strikes him. We still close him off with his mama in the alpaca cabana at night, since he’s still firmly in the “Coyote Appetizer” weight class, but he loves being outside playing in the sunshine.

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