Just one of those days…

Now thraphat Raphael has been here for about two weeks, he’s starting to fit in with the rest of the critters, particularly in the “no respect for mama” category. On Tuesday I was already having a stressful day because my surgery was the next morning and I had a ton of things I wanted to get done before I was one-handed again. I went outside to check on the goats and dispense extra treats, since it’s been so gloomy and rainy. On the way to the goats’ feeder, my boot got stuck in the mud, and I was walking so quickly that I walked right out of it. Bad day to not be wearing socks! After washing up inside, I decided to make a salad. Just before putting the dressing on it, I looked over at Raphael in time to see him lift up his water bowl with his front paws and dump it down outside the cage. As I ran over to deal with that mess, I looked at the kitchen island just in time to see Chunk violating my salad. In his search for the crispiest, crunchiest lettuce, he would nibble on a leaf then put it back in the bowl and choose another one. By that point I had refilled Raphael’s water bowl, and when I raced back to shoo the cat out of my lunch, I saw Raphael staring at me. He slowly put his paws under the bowl, then flipped it over like a furry little Hulk. I know he was just messing with me, since I’ve never seen a ferret look that gleeful.

In addition to Raphael, we have added two new critters to the farm! Broody Mama chickhatched out two chicks, so now she and her babies are temporarily living in the garage brooding facility until the chicks get big enough to hang with the big hens. Broody Mama doesn’t seem to mind her new surroundings, she’s just content to care for her babies. She’s a hardcore broody hen – I had to pick her up and put her by the food bowl just to get her to eat and drink.


But the chicks aren’t the only new arrivals — next week we’re going to go pick up a new girlfriend for Harvey! I’m looking forward to the prospect of new baby bunnies, mostly because of the cuteness factor, but also because besides my egg sales, the baby rabbits are just about the only way we bring money into the farm! I will have to increase the Wheat Thins budget though.

This week wasn’t just about additions unfortunately. Today Wesley was escorted down IMG_6056to Abigail’s pasture, since he’s swiftly moving into adolescence by having a relationship with his Auntie Buttercup. Taking him out of the backyard was pretty heartbreaking, because he was protesting the move mightily. He calmed down once he realized his new herdmates are all boys, and Abigail’s youngest goats, the twins Fritz and Frodo, are just a bit older than him. The female goats here on the farm seem to be fairly relieved that he’s gone. According to the articles I’ve read, you’re supposed to separate the boys from the girls at three months. We did pretty good – I think we only missed the date by like two weeks, meaning there’s a slim chance he put a bun in Buttercup’s oven. Guess we’ll find out come spring!

1 thought on “Just one of those days…

  1. what is this i read……a new bunny….we didnt discuss this young lady…lol! oh well what is one more!!! by the way wesley sends his love to the girls! 🙂

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