The Bunny Ranch!

Exciting news this week! Harvey and Claire, the Giant Flemish Rabbits, checked out what was available on the market and decided on a fully enclosed, elevated cedar mansion with about 30 square feet of luxury living. It opens out onto another enclosed 80 square feet of green space. They have plenty of room to hop around, no matter how monstrously huge they get. The only downside is they might have to share it with at least one rooster. (One of the fancy chickens is starting to crow, never a good sign if you aren’t expecting a rooster.) Hopefully all four of them won’t start to crow; if they do I might have to write a strongly worded letter to the feed store. 

I moved the bunnies in to their new home tonight, and they seem to love it! They are really friendly now, and come hopping up to me whenever I come over to them. (And it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m never without treats, they just love me that much.)

Our last surviving Bedonkaduck has relocated his bedroom to the roof of the shed, which is probably a good thing. We had some sad drama over the weekend – we got invaded by another bobcat. And this time, I feel like an idiot, because I was about four feet away from it, shining a flashlight on it, and I thought it was someone’s pet cat. Even though it was in the goat pasture, about five feet away from the ducks. I didn’t think it was even big enough to be a threat, but apparently ferociousness comes in small packages. And it was sitting down. But A) I didn’t want to shoot someone’s Mr. Fluffy, and B) I don’t want to take pot shots in the dark if I’m not 100% sure what I’m shooting at. So sure enough, the dang bobcat takes out two ducks during the night. Sigh. Nature sucks. We had friends over the next evening, and he graciously sat in a lawn chair with a .22 and shot the bobcat as it was stalking the last Bedonkaduck. But if anyone asks, yes, it was coming right for us, and yes, we had a hunting tag for it, I just don’t remember where I put it.

But on to happier news…. as soon as the Fancy Chickens are old enough to mingle with the rest of the flock (except for the roosters, of course), I want to get some quail. You can order them online, and they come through the mail with a little incubator to hatch the eggs. As you can imagine, I’m so very, very excited. As is Gene. He can hardly wait to build me a quail sanctuary. I just have to dream up what I want it to look like, and he’ll make it happen.  He completely redesigned the storage area for the feed, so now there’s tons more room in the shed! But back to the quails…I’m going to sell the eggs for $8 a dozen at next year’s Farmer’s Market in Belfair (at some point, all this stuff has to start making us some money back. I’m content to be paid back in love and cuddles and eggs, but Gene, not so much). As a last resort, I’ll just sell tickets to see the freakishly huge rabbits.

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